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Testimonials are often the culmination of a patient’s journey through our experience together. They are extremely important in health care as they indicate credibility and efficacy. Feel free to browse through some reviews from my patients and industry colleagues.

Patient Testimonials

Industry Alliance Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

I originally came to see Kevin as a pro athlete with an unresolved disc issue in my back that had lingered for 3 years. Coincidentally, the very next week I had a foot injury that doctors said would end my season. With Kevin’s healing hands, I was able to return in 9 weeks and finish the season. Not only that, but after working with him for 6 months now, my back feels stronger than ever. Kevin consistently goes above and beyond for his clients, responding to inquiries after sessions and going out of his way to find additional information about a topic we discussed during the session. He takes the approach of equipping his clients with the knowledge and resources to get stronger and healthier through a variety of exercises and techniques, keeping them in control of their recovery/rehab. I believe this is the most effective approach for long term solutions. But most of all, he has shown me that he genuinely cares about his clients, and is dedicated to seeing them improve every day. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking pain relief or active rehab for an injury and have spoken highly of him to my family and teammates.

Nathan Rourke

NFL Quarterback , Jacksonville Jaguars

Any time my body gets banged up playing hockey or golf, I call Kevin for treatment. He is very professional but adds the right amount of personality into the conversation to create a pleasant atmosphere while mending my body. What I also really appreciate is, not only does he know and understand the body so well, but he breaks down why and what he is doing in simplistic terms so that I can better understand how to stay healthy and avoid recurring injuries of the same areas in the future.

Greg Mueller

Former Professional Hockey Player, 3 Time World Champion Poker Player

Kevin is a great guy and I really appreciate his unique approach to the treatment of pain and injuries. His background in performance training combined with advanced knowledge in rehab make for an extremely effective and enjoyable experience. I sustained a complete tear of my pectoral muscle, fell into depression and I could barely use my arm. He helped me regain complete function and I’m back to playing tennis and doing push-ups with ease.

Joe Atwal

Tech Company CEO

I have two young kids and ever since giving birth I have struggled with urinary incontinence. Sneezing, running or even laughing can be extremely uncomfortable and cause a bit of leakage. Kevin treated me and thoroughly explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. He drew on a white board all of the relevant anatomy of the spine, bladder, kidneys and nerves and was very professional when it came to administering the manual therapy. My issues have completely resolved and I tell all of my friends and clients to see him if they have a problem.

Hayden Williams

Professional Photographer

I incurred a tibial plateau fracture necessitating surgery and metal plates and screws in my left leg.   After graduating from my wheelchair and subsequent treatment, my physiotherapist referred me to Kevin to help me transition to overall body rehabilitation.  At the time, I was 65 years old and had not been doing any structured physical activity.  As well as being a thoughtful and articulate communicator, Kevin was patient and kind in helping me restore balance and strength to the point where I was moving without pain, and confident and excited to be in a gym environment.  In only six months from my injury, Kevin was able to turn me over to a strength and conditioning coach, and within a year from my accident I ran my first 10k race.  From there I have been blessed to translate this foundation into competing at the World Triathlon Championships!  I will always be grateful for Kevin, and his own understanding of injury, getting me on the right path to restoring a healthy lifestyle and a pain-free body, that has opened up a world of adventure and accomplishment.

Barbara Binns


Industry Alliance Testimonials

Kevin has been an incredible resource for my third year university course on exercise prescription.  He has generously offered his time as a guest lecturer and has also conducted labs on movement assessment and self myofascial release techniques.  The students found Kevin to be a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor.

Tony Leyland

Senior Lecturer, Simon Fraser University

Kevin has been an incredible influence on my philosophies and understanding of rehabilitation and the human body.  His thirst for knowledge, logical approach, as well his great personality, make for an excellent combo that delivers results to the patients he serves, as well as elevating the professionals that surround him.

Jarid Vaughan

Kinesiologist and Owner, Vaughan's Fitness Inc.

I have had the absolute privilege to work alongside Kevin for the past 12 years. In those years, I have witnessed the utmost professionalism I have ever worked with. His ability to relate & service clients is at the highest level and his experience, education, and understanding is equally impressive. Without a doubt, Kevin brings the full package when it comes to Osteopathy. The combination of his depth of knowledge, background experience in strength & conditioning, understanding around pain science, and assessment and treatment protocols are far beyond what exists in the market. We will confidently continue to refer our clients from Innovative Fitness to Apex Osteopathy, as we believe that anyone that works with Kevin is in good hands!

Curtis Christopherson

President & CEO, Innovative Fitness

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin in a professional capacity for over a decade. As an educator, he is clear and concise in his communication and is able to convey complex ideas to the level of his audience. As a practitioner, he has the rare ability to balance the research and theory behind manual therapy, with intuition and insight, never losing sight of the unique needs of the patient. As a colleague, he is confident in his scope yet recognizes the value of a multidisciplinary approach. In all realms I find him professional, kind, approachable and knowledgeable and I would have no hesitation to recommend him as a practitioner.

Shelley Cowcill


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