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Apex Osteopathy


Apex Osteopathy is an advanced form of assessment and treatment that will detect impairments in your body and behaviour that are negatively impacting your health and hindering your active lifestyle.

In Person


In Person Service

55-minute treatment $160. Includes:


Consultation (1st visit) : full health history, past injuries, medical imaging/reports reviewed, athletic and training history, goals.

Assessments: vast toolbox of movement and osteopathic assessments including SFMA, FMS, Nimble 9, Y-balance test, osteopathic palpation and inhibition testing.

Manual therapy. osteoarticular adjustments, joint mobilizations, fascial stretching, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, counterstrain, cranial therapy, visceral manipulation

Movement integration: progress through a variety of postures, tasks and environments to progressively overload and restore pain free function.

Education: articles, videos, books, apps, websites.

Homework: will always been given 3 tasks or exercises for homework and you will be provided video to ensure you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Online Service

*60-minute online consultation (available through Skype or Facetime) $160


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