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Apex Osteopathy is a unique health care offering where the worlds of clinical sports rehabilitation and athletic performance training collide. Come for an experience that will establish your trust, provide extensive education, treat your body in a pain free manner, guarantee progress and emphasize having a lot of fun along the way. Kevin has the education and experience to help you find a lasting solution to your problems. As a former competitive athlete he has experienced a lot of sports injuries so he understands what it takes to make a full comeback in mind, body and spirit.

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Case Studies

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“After years of frustration, I was referred to Kevin by a close friend of mine.  It was a life changer! For the first time in 5 years, I can get out of bed pain free and tackle the day. I cannot express my gratitude enough.” – Lorraine Fraser

“I had a reoccuring shoulder injury since high school and saw Kevin.  I have range of motion and strength now that i havent had in years! Excellent experience and great guy!”Dave Karasin

Who is an Apex Patient?

All ages, backgrounds, ability levels, shapes, sizes and preferences are welcome. Kevin’s services can help manage a wide range of conditions from acute to chronic pain, sports injuries, movement impairments or they can simply focus on relaxation and health promotion. If you’re highly active and looking to take your abilities to the next level, Kevin can identify the weakest link in your body/mind. The patients who achieve the best results are open-minded, willing to learn, dream big and are motivated to reach their apex lifestyle.

The most common problems that my patients present to me with include:

▪️ Resolve discomfort from pain
▪️ Rehabilitate an injury
▪️ Maintain a consistent, active lifestyle
▪️ Improve fitness or athletic performance
▪️ Train towards a life-changing goal or competitive event
▪️ Have as much energy as possible
▪️ Improve digestion
▪️ Be attractive, confident and feel desirable
▪️ Feel connected, loved and part of a community